Yan (middle photo, left) and Leo (middle photo, right) owners of Flor and Seed

Earth Day is a time to honor our land, sea, and sky for all of the natural resources provided to us. This Earth Day 2022, Accessity extends gratitude to those who contribute to the betterment of our world by recycling and adopting sustainable practices.

The farming industry that upholds safe practices in handling their crops and live animals are deserving of recognition all year long.  Farmers work tirelessly in all types of weather to produce our food, clothing, and other resources for daily living.  Today, we recognize their effort and commitment to sustainable practices to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

In the effort to highlight our farmers, we recognize our Accessity-funded businesses that take pride in the farming process and ensure their products get to their customers sustainably.

Flor And Seed
Flor And Seed (pictured above), an Accessity-funded business, is committed to sourcing the best coffee from Mexico. Owners Yan and Leo feature micro and family lots from all different regions to roast to order small batches of artisan coffee knowing its origin and the family that produced it. Yan and Leo’s vision encompasses sustainability and social responsibility, honoring their commitment to their communities by working directly with farmers, listening to their concerns, and collaborating with them to meet everyone’s needs. Yan and Leo pay above-market prices to the farmers working the land. They hope this influences and shapes future generations and their practices.

Flor and Seed was recently spotlighted with Accessity on News 10 in San Diego. Watch the segment here.

Bean Vivo
Bean Vivo is another Accessity-funded business that produces healthy, high-protein meals and snacks made from beans and in support of sustainability and fair-farming practices. Their products are made simply, powered by plants, are gluten-free, vegan and made with whole ingredients for customers on the go. Bean Vivo is committed to traceability and food transparency in the sourcing of their beans, promoting sustainable farming and sharing how organic beans and pulses are great rotation crops. Their organic ingredients are as local as possible originating from Michigan, Central Valley, California, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and other US-based farms.

Here are a few more Accessity-funded businesses that are all organic and/or are in support of our farmers: Cal Farm, SD Bars, Maya’s Cookies, Noble Carriage, and Mountain Springs Organics among many others.

8 Ways You Can Help Support Farmers This Earth Day and Beyond:

  1. Attend a farmers market.

    You can buy directly from farmers and other local small business owners at your local farmers markets at market price. Because you are purchasing from the farmers market, you are supporting your local farmers and your neighborhood. You are contributing to the livelihood of the small businesses and their families selling there.
    Support your local Farmers Market in the San Diego area

  2. Consider taking part in your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

    Your local CSA is your one-stop-shop for purchasing healthy, sustainably grown produce on a subscription basis. Products are delivered to your home or pick-up location depending on your area. This process decreases the carbon footprint caused by shipping imported produce to local grocery stores.  Most importantly, your food dollars support local farmers. LEARN MORE about the Farm Bureau in San Diego County.

  3. Eat at farm-to-fork restaurants.

    Visit and enjoy restaurants and eateries that cook with ingredients from local farmers.  In doing so, you are directly and indirectly supporting your local farmers.

  4. Donate money or goods to a farmer.

    For example, give a bag of fertilizer to a farmer. Donating a bag of fertilizer can help farmers nourish their soil and in turn reap better harvests and acquire more income. When you support farmers and their families, you help to steward the Earth’s resources for future generations and help these farming families move toward self-sufficiency.

  5. Help to spread the word for our farmers.

    Encourage your loved ones to buy directly from farmers. A little recognition can go a long way. Farmers will often neglect their own marketing after a day of working in their farm. Post a review on social media to help these farmers grow their businesses.  If you have a marketing background, volunteer to help a farmer sell their products using your skills.

  6. Promote local businesses that sell local products.

    Make your food meaningful by purchasing goods at local stores and vendors that sell products made locally. Your local cheese, jams, and chili sauces are all examples of products that could be produced and locally sourced. These products are made with more love and care than those mass-produced and bought at big supermarkets.

  7. Purchase materials from your local gardening shops.

    Visit locally owned agriculture stores instead of opting for sellers that gather their products from abroad.  Meet and speak with the gardeners who produce materials like soil, pots, seeds, and fertilizers. Engage in conversation with these local growers on recommendations for certain crops you’d like to grow yourself.

  8. Plant a tree in your community.

    What we do for our communities can have a major impact on our lives and future generations. Trees purify and clean the air, provide oxygen, prevent soil erosion and conserve energy.  Make planting a tree a fun activity with family and friends to celebrate this Earth Day.

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