Why Accessity

Our mission is to open doors of financial opportunity, primarily to entrepreneurs of color, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs so they can build prosperous businesses and livelihoods for themselves and their families, while also strengthening our communities.
With a 28-year history in Southern California, Accessity has worked with thousands of small business owners, each on their own unique entrepreneurial journey. We know how challenging the road can be, especially without adequate capital to make your business grow and prosper. With access to business loans and a resource network, Accessity clients boast a 94% business survival rate, almost double the national average, and we are ready to help you in building a thriving business.
Your unique story of starting your business, overcoming adversities, learning lessons, and reaching goals is what inspires us to work creatively to meet your business needs by using more equitable eligibility criteria and tailoring our capital, resources, and education to meet you where you are on your business journey.

Our Core Values


We love our clients! They are diverse, hard-working, talented, and inspiring.

Mamadou approached Accessity for a loan to help him purchase a van to transport his merchandise. He received a $4,000 loan so that he could get back to sharing his passion for handmade African goods. The loan maintained Mamadou’s job, as well as help generate income for the artisans in his hometown who sell their crafts to Mamadou.

Mamadou Diagne , Keur Hadim
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We believe in our clients and support them throughout the life of their loan and beyond.

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She started small by selling at a few local farmers markets in San Diego, where she met an Accessity business development officer doing outreach. Maya was ready to expand her business and she received a $5,000 loan to purchase equipment, obtain permits and buy supplies so that she could increase production and open her online store.

Maya Madsen, Maya’s Cookies