Accessity Client Stories

Maya’s Cookies
Imagine biting into the perfect chocolate chip cookie – crispy on the outside and chewy in the center – and then imagine your surprise when baker Maya Madsen tells you that cookie is 100% vegan. With a variety of flavors, like limoncello shortbread, s’mores, and her best-seller marble fudge, Maya’s Cookies delights customers with her use of plant-based, dairy-free and cruelty-free ingredients.
Keur Hadim

Mamadou Diagne grew up in Senegal, Africa and moved to the United States over a decade ago. Wanting to share his love for the folk art and crafts of his birthplace, Mamadou started a business in San Diego, California called Keur Hadim. He imports products from his hometown to sell at farmers markets. His family and other people from his hometown help make baskets, clothing, and more which he sells at his booth.

Wacheur 6, DBA J&T’s Gourmet Sauces

Achilles Murray grew up watching his uncle and brothers BBQ during the summers. When he entered the Marine Corps he noticed that twice a month, or more, there would be BBQ for the Marines. However, the sauce provided left a lot to be desired and the Marines would end up having to mix their own concoctions to their taste. When he got stationed in Okinawa, Japan, Achilles and his wife Aubry started making their own sauce.
Tamales Jovita
Tamales Jovita in Escondido, Calif. is owned by Cecilia, who was inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and delicious recipes for tamales. When the COVID-19 shutdowns were mandated in March, Cecilia temporarily closed the restaurant. Looking for capital to help through the transition period, Cecilia applied for the Small Business Live Restart Grant Fund in June as an Accessity client and was one of the lucky recipients of a $5,000 grant, which helped cover basic expenses. Tamales Jovita also received a COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Loan from Accessity to help with rent, utilities, and use as working capital. The funding gave Tamales Jovita the capacity to adapt to current guidance for restaurants so that Cecilia and her family can keep making their mother’s beloved tamales.