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At Accessity, our commitment is to empower and support entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. We understand that the early stages of entrepreneurship can be both exciting and intimidating, and we believe that the right guidance, educational support, and mentorship can be the decisive factors that transform an idea into a thriving, successful business venture.

Accessity offers two 10-week online training programs throughout the year:

These two courses offer practical, hands-on training and one-on-one business coaching to empower individuals.

Accessity Academy

Held in the Spring (Feb.-May)
For anyone who wants to launch a business
Supported by Wells Fargo and California
Southern SBDC

Academia de Accessity

Held in the Fall (Aug.-Oct.)
For Latinas
Supported by Eva Longoria Foundation


Our Approach

Launching a business is an adventure into uncharted territory—filled with innovation, dreams, and lots of questions, and perhaps feelings of being lost or overwhelmed. Our startup training programs are the compass to guide new business owners through this journey. Accessity’s academies were created with one goal in mind: to equip you with the knowledge, networks, and confidence you need to transform your startup idea into a reality.

Here’s what sets our programs apart:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Join a class of like-minded individuals, forging connections, and partnerships for your entrepreneurial journey. Build a network of subject-matter experts who are available to answer any business questions during and after the end of the course.

Community & Networking:

Covering business planning, finance, marketing, and more — presented in a step-by-step format for participants to follow to launch their business by the end of the course.

Capital Support:

Graduates can apply for a $5,000 Accessity Academy loan (or for higher capital amounts through Accessity’s regular loan program), for the financing needed to support for their business ventures.

Expert Mentorship:

Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts through personalized guidance and insights. Get connected with our local partners at SCORE and the Business Development Center.

The Academy and Academia by the numbers:


14 Cohorts

Held Since 2013, 283 Graduates, 69 Disbursed Loans Totaling $339,000


4 Cohorts

Held Since 2020, 98 Graduates, 5 Disbursed Loans Totaling $18,000

Digital Divide Bridged:

28 Computers

Provided to Academia Students at No Cost

One-time Grants:


in grants between 12 Latina-owned businesses enrolled in the Academia

Your Small Business Journey Starts Here!

Embark on a transformative 10-week startup training program with Accessity. Arm yourself with a step-by-step playbook of starting a business, the business network of individuals to help you along the way,and the confidence to know how to navigate the challenging startup stage and reach your business

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