Each of our clients has a story of their unique circumstances and needs.

Your story inspires our team and we will work one-on-one with you in the loan process to help you be as prepared as possible.

Do I qualify?

The basic criteria to qualify for an Accessity loan includes:
  • Live/work in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside or San Bernardino counties in California
  • Use the proceeds of the loan for your business
  • Collateral and a co-borrower may be required
  • Be at least 18 years of age and demonstrate good character
  • Business must be a legal entity
Contact us if you’d like to speak with our team before applying

Accessity’s Process

Submit an Application
It takes less than 15 minutes to submit your application.
Upload Your Documents
Upload your related documents to our secure online web portal.
Work with Accessity Staff
Accessity staff will learn about your business and hear your story.
Final Answer
In as few as three days from completed loan package. *Larger loan requests can take up to 3 weeks.
Apply for a loan