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Our Culture

At Accessity, we are proud to have a team who upholds our culture of inclusivity, accountability, integrity, innovation and mindfulness. Learn more about our purpose, values and culture below.


How do we share authority?
What methods do we use to make decisions?
  • Shared leadership model

  • Cross training to empower staff with knowledge to make decisions

  • For major decisions, seeking input through surveys, staff/manager/brainstorming meetings to give a sense of ownership to all

  • Managers request feedback from their team before making department decisions


What are our strategic priorities as an organization?
  • Increase lead flow, particularly of target market clients hardest to reach and not served by others

  • Improve operational efficiency for scale and cost of loan without sacrificing quality of client experience
  • Invest in staff talent and organization innovation
  • Keep equity top of mind for clients and staff – products, process, communications, talent acquisition and development


What are our peculiar ways of celebrating our team and our hard work?
  • Staff cheer
  • Staff spotlights / darts
  • Potlucks and lunches from clients
  • Holiday extra days and leaving early
  • Summer and holiday fun days
  • Monthly team building
  • Celebrating birthdays
  • Anniversary gifts


How do we convene and collaborate?
  • All staff meetings start with staff breakout session
  • Department meetings
  • Individual touch base calls with manager
  • Structured quarterly and annual meetings with manager
  • Impromptu huddles
  • Impromptu cross-department working meetings
  • Flash brainstorm meetings
  • Flash brainstorm meetings
    Meet in person or Zoom/Teams


Why do we exist?

We exist to open doors of financial opportunity to those historically with less access to capital and business support: entrepreneurs of color, women, immigrant, and low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs, so they can build a prosperous business and livelihood for themselves and their families, while also strengthening our communities.


What do we stand for?



How do we help each other grow?
  • Providing timely and direct feedback using SBI (situation, behavior, impact; mind-map) and other effective communication tools (addressing hopes and fears, active listening, empathy, etc.)
  • Open and direct conversations in group settings for collective feedback and collaborative solutions
  • Coaching and leading vs “managing” which lends to more 2-way communication and collaboration (shadowing, training, support and encouragement)
  • Proactively asking for feedback


How do we clarify expecting behaviors without hindering autonomy?
  • Through training (inc. investing in professional dev), placing trust in team and monitoring performance
  • Open door policy for support
  • Leading by example
  • Having timely and direct conversations about behavior that does not meet expectations and developing mutual agreements for future (can be verbal or written, e.g. a PIP)
  • Cross-department clarity meetings/trainings


What do we celebrate?
  • Successful client stories
  • Helping each other
  • Meeting goals and executing as a team and individually
  • Personal accomplishments
  • Leading with love, not fear
  • Effective communication
  • Learning moments
  • Life!
What do we discourage?
  • Water cooler talk/gossip
  • Unfair treatment or judgement of clients, partners of team members
  • Not taking accountability for actions/mistakes


How do we encourage everyone to speak up and promote participation and candor over groupthink and silence?
  • Staff surveys and questionnaires
  • Anonymous annual temperature surveys – report aggregate themes and follow-up on actions taken
  • Open forum at staff/manager meetings
  • Ask for feedback regularly from staff in group or individually