What’s possible with Accessity?

We believe in meeting you where you are in your business journey and we put value in all you’ve invested and in the adversities you may have overcome along the way. We take into consideration factors that traditional banks may not consider with the goal to help you launch or grow your business so you can increase your income and build wealth, create jobs, and make our local communities thrive.

Funding solutions to meet your business needs

COVID-19 Relief and Recovery
Existing business seeking a loan due to losses from the COVID-19 pandemic
$5,500 – $50,000
Loan Program for Start-up and Expanding Businesses
From $300 to $100,000 term loans for start-up or growing businesses
$300 – $100,000

Loans for business owners like you


Loans for start-up businesses

Getting a loan to launch your business or within the first two years of operation is near impossible from a traditional bank or lender. Each year, a third of our loans on average go to start-up businesses. Along with an Accessity start-up loan, you will also gain access to guidance and support as you get your business off the ground. We want to help make your dream of owning a business a reality. See some of our templates below to help prepare you to start your own business.


Loans for women-owned businesses

Accessity recognizes the importance of women-owned businesses to their local communities. Women-owned businesses have more than doubled in the last twenty years. Forty percent of Accessity’s portfolio are women and we have the resources and connections to help you grow.


Loans for racially and ethnically diverse-owned businesses

Diverse-owned businesses have been growing at twice the national average, and immigrants are nearly twice as likely as native-born Americans to start businesses. Accessity is committed to helping these businesses.


Loans for veteran-owned businesses

Veterans are more likely than non-vets to be self-employed, likely because their military training prepares them to excel in running their own business.

Food Business

Loans for food and beverage businesses

Launching a successful food business is challenging, yet Accessity’s clients in the industry experience greater success than the national average. Twenty percent of our loans go to food and beverage businesses each year and each client has exclusive access to mentoring by Sam Adams Beer employees through our national Brewing the American Dream partnership with the Boston Beer Company.