Where access to capital and community meet you.

Accessity opens the doors of financial opportunity for entrepreneurs through access to small business loans and a community of support and resources.

Small businesses are the economic engine that drives our country

New businesses are launched by women and entrepreneurs of color at a faster rate than others, though often they lack equitable access to loan capital, expert guidance and a business support network. That’s where Accessity comes in.
Can Help
Whether you are just starting or expanding,  Accessity can help.

Accessity’s Mission

Our mission is to open doors of financial opportunity, primarily to entrepreneurs of color, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs so they can build prosperous businesses and livelihoods for themselves and their families, while also strengthening our communities.
Small businesses make a positive social and economic impact in our cities and towns by creating and maintaining jobs, creating local spending options and making our neighborhoods vibrant and unique. Click here to view and support Accessity-funded businesses through our online marketplace.
Wherever your business journey has taken you (or if you’re just beginning), we are committed to supporting you either with small business loans, connecting you with business resources or providing free educational events and articles to help you reach your goals.

We provide flexible loans for small business owners
like you.

Our program can open doors for your business. Whether its access to capital, resources, or an entrepreneurial community, Accessity provides support for your business when you need it the most. Accessity specializes in working with business owners who want connection and funding to start or grow their business dreams.

We provide access to

Our business loans go up to $100,000 and can be used for business start-ups or expansion.
We can connect you to our local and national partner network of business and financial coaches, our peer entrepreneur communities, our educational business events, and our knowledgeable staff who provide advice and encouragement before, during and after the loan process.
Our clients get exclusive access to marketing channels through our partnerships with local media and our strong online presence through which we share their news and tell their inspiring stories.
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