January is National Mentoring Month, a dedicated time to recognize and celebrate the profound impact of mentoring on individuals and communities. At Accessity, we are excited to shine a spotlight on three remarkable partners who have played a pivotal role as mentors to our small business owners.

Empowering Small Businesses with the Small Business Development Center:

The Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) network stands as a powerhouse resource for entrepreneurs. Offering a range of services including no-cost 1:1 advising, entrepreneurship workshops, and industry-specific training, the SBDC Network has been an invaluable ally for our small business community. These business experts can consult on topics such as startups, marketing, and strategic growth planning.

Guiding the Way with SCORE: 

SCORE has been a beacon of support for small businesses, providing free business mentoring, low-cost workshops, networking events, and a wealth of resources such as tools, templates, and live webinars. Their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has had a lasting impact on our business owners.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with The Women’s Business Center:

The Women’s Business Center holds a special place in our support network. With a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs, they provide specialized resources, tailored mentoring, and networking opportunities, contributing significantly to the success of women-led businesses.

As we celebrate National Mentoring Month, let’s recognize the importance of mentoring in fostering business growth and community development. Whether you are a mentor or mentee, take a moment to appreciate the impact of mentoring on the journey of small businesses.

Want to connect with a mentor in your area? Contact Accessity and we can make that introduction to the best mentor for your business.