Dan Romero of TRVLR Coffee Roaster in San Diego, CA

Interest rates are steadily increasing across the country, but not at Accessity! As a small business lender with a mission to help entrepreneurs like you start or expand, our fixed interest rates remain the same (6.99% – 14.99%) for our financing program. Our program features:

  1. Startup or growth capital for your Southern California business — Term loans from $300 to $100,000
  2. Flexible Terms – A term that fits your business and saves you money
  3. No prepayment penalties –  You have the flexibility to pay the loan early or make scheduled payments over the term of the loan.
  4. Community of support – When you receive a loan from Accessity, you’ll get access to exclusive programs to support your business, including financial advice, credit building, a human resources hotline, and the opportunity to be included in our new marketplace!

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