August is the time to acknowledge and honor the contributions of Black entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners who have woven their dreams into the fabric of our communities during Black Business Month.

This month, we are thrilled to showcase five remarkable black-owned businesses making waves in their respective industries. These inspiring entrepreneurs have overcome challenges and succeeded, standing as role models for aspiring business owners everywhere. Join us as we delve into their stories and celebrate their accomplishments:

Maya Madsen

Maya’s Cookies:

Maya’s Cookies, founded by Maya Madsen, started as a farmers market booth in San Diego. Since then, Maya’s Cookies has grown into a dessert staple and a local hot spot with two locations in Mission Valley and San Marcos. With a passion for crafting vegan cookies, her business creates delicious treats catering to all dietary preferences. Her dedication to quality and taste has led her to be featured in nationwide publications and many culinary events.

Adrian Hill

Mr. Bowties Hair Studio:

After doing hair for over 11 years, Adrian Hill established Mr. Bowties Hair Studio, a black-owned business in La Mesa for people seeking more than just a haircut. With a passion for barbering and cosmetology, Adrian has transformed his barbershop into a space where clients receive top-notch haircuts and grooming services and experience a sense of community. Inspired by his journey, Adrian curates an environment where every haircut is an opportunity to elevate one’s appearance and spirit. Mr. Bowtie Barbershop not only shapes hair but also shapes the sense of self-worth and pride of those who walk through his doors.

Cassandra Schaeg

SIP Wine & Beer:

Cassandra Schaeg, the creator and founder of SIP Wine & Beer in Escondido, has a passion for fine wines and craft beers. Hard work and innovation led her to create this unique concept, offering an extensive selection of beverages from independent wineries and breweries worldwide. As an advocate for sustainable practices, Cassandra has garnered recognition from renowned wine and food critics, propelling SIP Wine and Beer to great success. She has her own TV series Fresh Glass on KPBS, where she interviews BIPOC and women entrepreneurs in the beer and wine industry. The show is described ‘as a lifestyle show in food, beverage, and entrepreneurship with guests whose backgrounds, personalities, and journeys symbolize empowerment, grit, and perseverance.’

Ati Williams


Honeycomb founder Ati Williams is a licensed General Contractor, Designer, and Netflix’s ‘Hack My Home’ TV Host. With love for renovation ignited in 2004, she’s transformed homes making her clients’ dreams come to reality. Ati’s company, Honeycomb, empowers stress-free design and ensures her client’s satisfaction through hard work, communication, and trust. Ati’s innovation and creativity have set new standards for her industry.

Timothy J. Parker

Chula Vista Brewery:

Founded by Timothy J. Parker and his wife Dali, they own the only San Diego County Black (& brown) owned brewery. A Chicago native, Timothy’s U.S. Navy career led him to Chula Vista, where he and Dali established their home. Their passion for their community and craft beer led them to build a space that mirrors the small-town warmth within the city. Chula Vista Brewery thrives on the shared love for quality brews and the welcoming ambiance nurtured by this husband-and-wife team.

The journey of these five remarkable black-owned businesses highlights the resilience and determination required to navigate the business world’s challenges. Their stories inspire us to pursue our dreams, defy the odds, and make a lasting impact in our respective fields. As we celebrate these extraordinary achievements, let us continue to support black-owned businesses and collectively create a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial landscape.

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