Accessity partnered with Accessity-funded business Saffron & Sage to present the Navigating Mental Health & Entrepreneurship webinar. In addition to our small business lending program with loans from $300 to $100K, we offer a community support, which includes resources and training so that business owners can be successful in all aspects of running a business.

Research has shown that a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs struggle with mental health challenges. In this webinar, you will hear first-hand about common issues faced by entrepreneurs, learn the signs of stress and anxiety, and get tips on staying positive and protecting your mental health.

You’ll learn about tangible tips on how to create boundaries and connect with other entrepreneurs – you are not alone!

Here are the details for the presenters:

Saffron & Sage 


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Scout Sobel 


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Disclaimer: This event purely educational in nature and you should talk to a licensed provider to support you with individualized information and care.  This webinar is not providing medical advice.